Winterize the Inside and Outside of your Home

By John Focht

With the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend right around the corner, now is a great time of year to begin winterizing the inside and outside of your home before the winter season kicks into high gear.

Starting with the outside, spend this weekend giving the lawn one final cut before the winter.  The month of November had some mild temps, and while your lawn probably doesn’t look as if it needs a cut, it’s a good idea to get one final cut in before the winter season begins.

Cutting your lawn will also allow you to drain your lawnmower of any final drops of gas.  Leaving gas sit idle inside your lawnmower or lawn-tractor for the winter is not good on your engine.  Even if your lawn doesn’t need a final cut, either let your engine run to burn any final drops of gas, or syphon the remaining drops and use it for your snow-blower or save it for next spring – just be sure you get the gas out.

Drain the oil from your mower’s engine too.  Don’t throw the drained oil out with your trash.  Drain it into a container and take it to a gas station; they will dispose of it for you.

While still outside, turn the outside water lines off from inside your house.  Leaving the outside water lines on all winter could cause the outside water lines to freeze and burst.

Also, drain the hoses and put them either in your garage, shed, or basement for the winter season.  The cold winter air can cause damage to your hose lines and make them useless next spring if left out in freezing temperatures all winter.

Get the porch and lawn furniture inside too.  Keeping them secure in the shed, or garage, or basement for the winter will help preserve the life of your outdoor furniture.

As for the inside, pick-up some window sealer from your local hardware store or from Lowe’s or the Home Depot.  Seal the frames and cracks of your windows and doors.  Sealing those drafts can save you hundreds of dollars on heating bills throughout the course of the winter.

So, while this time of year is best for getting ready for the big feast next week, don’t forget about winterizing the inside and outside of your home too.  Do it this weekend, or pay for it during the winter months to come.