Top Free Golf Apps to get you Started in the Technological Golf Age

The below story was published in the Spring 2014 edition of New Jersey Golf News.

By John Focht

This isn’t your grandfather’s, or even your father’s, round of golf anymore.  Today’s technology has made playing a round of golf easier and easier for the modern player; well, except for that little thing of actually having to hit the golf ball, that is.

The advancement of golf apps for the Smartphone has revolutionized the way we look at the game today.  Even the most basic golf apps available on the market today come fully equipped to provide you thousands of golf courses nationwide and worldwide.  Scorecard features and databases associated with each app gives you the chance to not only handicap your individual scores, but also to keep a leaderboard or website updated that others in your group can track as well.  Golf apps have truly changed the landscape for even the most casual players these days.

Many golf apps on the market today even come with a rule book to help even the most modest player understand the trickiest rules of the game.  The golf app has essentially become the modern player’s caddie.  It has changed the way both experienced and casual golfers approach their round of golf.

As with anything else, with the evolution of the golf app, the market has become a bit over-saturated.  With so many options available today, which ones are the really good ones?   Do you really need to spend $3.99 – $29.99 apiece to try out a series of golf apps to find the one you like best?  There are plenty of very good, reliable, free apps available that can give the experienced and routine player as much to work with as some of the more expensive apps out there.

So to help you in your choice, here are three of the better free golf apps to get you started this season.  Check them all out and see which one you like best.


With over three million members, GolfLogix has quickly become one the most reliable golf apps on the market today.  It has been voted as the number one golf app worldwide for the past five years, according to iTunes.

Available as a free download for users, GolfLogix provides golfers all the modern features you need for a round of golf.  Over 30,000 worldwide golf courses and maps, GolfLogix is one of the most complete apps on the market today.  The GolfLogix app provides a multi-player scorecard which also allows you to store your rounds, scores, and stats.  With such a feature, you will have the access at the tip of your fingers to view your season’s scores at any course you have played throughout the course of the year.

An additional feature that makes GolfLogix the number one golf app today is its efficient handicap index tracking feature.  It allows you to choose between using the USGA handicap, or the GolfLogix handicap, which tracks similar to the USGA handicap.  The handicap index feature is very handy and works hand-in-hand with entering and storing your scoring results.  Now you won’t be anywhere that you can’t easily talk about your handicap, your latest rounds, and your overall game.

The feature that I love the most on GolfLogix though is the leaderboard.  With the leaderboard feature, you and your group can setup a season long tournament and have instant access to see how anyone is doing.  The leaderboard will give immediate results on how the individuals in your group are faring in a weekend outing, or on season long scoring results.

Swing by Swing Golf

Swing by Swing Golf app is a reliable and very accurate range finder and scorecard keeper.  Similar to GolfLogix, Swing by Swing Golf provides great satellite photos of the hole you are playing and the ability to zoom in on the green to see the front, middle, and back of the green.  The scorecard feature will also allow you to keep your foursome’s score, as well as a website to review your rounds in more detail.  The ability to track your score, the courses you play, and your handicap, are some of the cooler features on Swing by Swing.


Golfshot app provides all the same features you can find on Swing by Swing and GolfLogix.  Scorecards, distance, yardage, aerial view, club recommendations, are just a few of the amazing features the Golfshot app has to offer.  The free download provides everything and then some for the average and experienced golfer to get by with and get started using.

GolfLogix, Swing by Swing, and Golfshot, all have fine features available with the free version of the app, but you may to get to the point where you want to upgrade packages.  While you will enjoy the free app version, the upgraded version will provide you everything the free app has and then some.  GolfLogix, for example, has a Champion version available for $19.99 that also includes features such as club tracking, touchscreen layup distances at any point on the fairway, GPS distance to all hazards and layups, and the ability to set exact pin positions.  It’s one of the facets that makes GolfLogix the number one golf app available; it gives you plenty of great features on the free version, and satisfies your craving for more with its upgraded Champion version.

The free app is definitely a good app for both the casual and experienced golfer to get started with.  Get a feel for what you are looking for and what helps you most in your game, then consider upgrading to another package.  The free apps will provide you more than just a few screens and options; with GolfLogix, Swing by Swing and Golfshot, you will get the full experience of a quality app to assist you in your game this season.  It’s your personal caddie, scorecard, handicap index, and more all rolled into your Smartphone device.