Top Five Halloween Selling Candy

By John Focht

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For the last minute Halloween candy shoppers out there – and you know who you are, believe it or not you may find a tough time finding your favorite Halloween candy this year.

According to a recent article published by the Tri-County Times: Fenton, Michigan’s News Information Source.

The top five selling candies this Halloween are the usual suspects that have entrenched our Halloween baggies for decades.  According to a recent USA Today report, 72% of all Halloween candy purchased this year will be on chocolate.  It’s not a surprise chocolate is top selling candy again this Halloween, after all, the kids – and the parents who root through the kids Halloween bags, love their Halloween chocolate.

The top selling candy for the 52 weeks ending September 8, according to the report in the USA Today is Reese’s with sales’ at $509.85 million.

The number 2 selling candy according to the October 27 report in the USA Today is M&M’s with sales at $500.82 million.

Snicker’s ranked third on the list with sales at $456.91 million.  Snickers sales fell by more than 7% for the 52-week period ending September 8 according to the USA Today .  Evidently those sales did not include sales on Snicker’s to my house.

Surprisingly Hershey’s, which has been around since 1900, topped out only at third with sales at $324.63 million, although the standard-sized Hershey bar did rise 8%, according to the USA Today.

And topping the five Halloween candy list is the good old Kit Kat bar with sales reported at $306.51 million, according to the October 27 report in the USA Today

To read more on the top 6-10 selling candies, visit the USA Today here.

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