The Winter That Never Ended Finally Ended

By John Focht

So, the winter that never seemed as though it would never end, finally ended.  With spring finally in the air, here are a few things to start getting to get your yard in top shape for this spring and summer.

Dig-up Dead Bushes and Cut-Down Dead Branches

This past winter probably did a number on your shrubs, bushes, and trees. Now that the weather is finally starting to break, this is the time to start digging up those old bushes and shrubs that became casualties of all the winter snow and ice storms.

Dig up the dead bushes and replace with some plant seeds or new flowers.  Get up on a ladder and start cutting down any tree limbs that were broken during the storms.

Paint the Exterior Window Frames and Doorframes

After this winter, your exterior window frames and doorframes probably took quite a beating.  A fresh coat of paint on the exterior window frames and doorframes will do a lot to spruce up the outside of your home

Break out the Mower

I never thought I would be excited to start cutting the grass, but it sure beats shoveling the snow. The lawns are probably still about a week away from needing a good cut, but get the mowers out now and start filling the gas tank and adding new oil.

If you didn’t drain the oil from your mower last fall, drain it now before you add any gas and start using it this spring. Old oil in your mower can cause damage to your mower’s engine, so be sure to drain and add new oil before you start using it this spring.