Summer Vacations Down the Shore

By John Focht

Ah, our summer vacations at The Shore.  You spend most of the year dreaming about kicking back on your beach chair with a cold drink in the sand next to you, while listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean waves crashing in the distance.  Your Shore vacation is the time you intend to catch up on that trashy novel you’ve been longing to read for the past year, or just chillin’ at the beach and not doing a thing.  The day-to-day grind of the office, the bills, and the household chores are far behind you.  The only thing on your mind is the cold Corona sitting next to you in the sand as the sun sets in the distance on another gorgeous day at the beach.

Then reality comes crashing down on you like a title wave: “Mom, I don’t know what to do!”  “Dad, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do here.”  Or “Do we have to go the beach again today?!?”    

Ah, the family vacation at The Shore.  Not quite like the shore vacations of yester-year when the only thing you needed to worry about was turning over on your beach towel so your tan didn’t look two-toned, or making sure you had enough ice in your cooler to keep your beverages cold enough to get through the afternoon sun.

family vacation games

Shore days are a bit different now.  Just because they are different though, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as fun – ok, maybe they should called a different kind of fun.

Beach Games at The Shore can be described as a shore vacation survival guidebook for your days on the beach.  The suggestions in here are beach games and beach activities you probably played yourself as a child.

It’s a collection of beach games and beach ideas for the family.  Whether it’s for the older kids, the little ones, or even for a couple of you uncles out there who just need to get off your beach chair once and while.  There are also a few beach add-ons to enjoy while you are enjoying your week or two at The Shore.   Be sure to pack this book along with you on your Shore vacation this year.  Drop it in the beach bag and be ready for your week ahead!

So, kick back and relax, with Beach Games at the Shore. Available on Amazon.