New Year’s Resolutions to Improve You and Your Home

By John Focht

As the calendar ticks from December into January, the old reminder in my head starts sounding about my New Year’s Resolution. What was it I was supposed to accomplish again this year?

Make this year’s resolution a sound one that forces you to actually accomplish something. Here are three do-it-yourself resolutions for 2014.

Paint the Interior House

There is always a bit of a lull once the holidays finish up. After all, you’ve been on the go virtually nonstop since Thanksgiving. A great DIY resolution for 2014 is painting the inside of your house.

Prioritize which rooms need the most attention and plan to start painting immediately following New Year’s Day. Set a goal to paint the three rooms which need the most attention by April 1.

Build a New Patio

Once the ground starts thawing, April will be the perfect time to build or enhance your backyard patio. Embark early in the spring season while the weather is still mild enough and the weekend work in the backyard won’t cause you to lose twenty pounds a day in the hot summer sun.

Do your research on material, instructions and cost in the February and March timeframe. Get a good understanding of the labor involved early so you can be sure you leave yourself enough time to enlist the help of family, friends, and neighbors if need be.

Great way to celebrate the new patio will be a Memorial Day barbecue for all those that helped you out.

Start a Vegetable Garden

A rule of green thumb is to start your vegetable garden after Mother’s Day Weekend in mid-May. Typically by mid-May, any concerns of an overnight frost are pretty much behind you.

Vegetable gardens are fun ways to get the family involved too. You can do some preliminary work leading up to the mid-May timeframe like digging out a vegetable garden bed, and building a wall around the bed to keep rodents and deer from eating your garden.

You can get some seedlings started early in the spring by planting them in a pot and keeping them indoors. That way by mid-May, you are simply moving vegetable plants that have already taken hold from your indoor pots to your outdoor beds.

The next thing you know you are ready to enjoy your summer with plenty of fresh vegetables while relaxing on your new patio!

Originally published on Yahoo! Voices December 23, 2013.