Removing Frozen Tree Limbs

By John Focht

Sooner or later the temperatures will begin to rise and warm up and the ground and frozen trees will begin to thaw.  When they do, be cautious on how you remove those broken tree branches and toppled bushes and trees.

This winter’s snow and ice storms have caused a real havoc on homeowners as far as toppled trees, bushes, and broken tree limbs.  For anything other than broken branches and small bush repair, you should plan on calling a professional to assist with toppled trees and broken tree limbs.

As temperatures begin to rise later this month, a lot of the minor cleanup effort will begin for homeowners.  The problem could be that the minor cleanup may turn into a major mess; especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Even with the removal of tree branches, you need to be careful because they may have toppled some live wire with them.  You really can’t be too sure what’s under that tangled mess until it’s too late.

Also, be aware that tree limbs above may also just be hanging on.  Any shaking of the tree to bring down the lower hanging branches may bring bigger headaches on top of you – no pun intended there.  You don’t need higher tree limbs falling on top of you as you break the lower branches free.

Do yourself a favor and call a professional tree service or landscaper to remove tree branches and toppled trees.  If you suspect a branch to be on top of a live wire, contact your utility repair service immediately.