Raise Cash and a ‘Stache for Prostate Cancer Awareness

By John Focht

Today is officially the first day of Movember.  No, that is not a typo – it’s Movember.  In recent years, November has made a name change to Movember and has become known as prostate cancer awareness month.  Men worldwide grow moustaches to raise money in support of prostate cancer awareness.

Movember began with 30 men in Melbourne, Australia who grew moustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer, according to the Movember website.   

Today, Movember is a worldwide event where individuals and organizations raise money for prostate cancer awareness by counting the hairs above their upper lip.  In 2012, $147 million was raised in the United States, according to the official Movember website.

Movember works similarly to other charitable organizations.  Individuals and organizations register at the U.S. Movember website   Once registered, you are officially a Mo Bro.

As a Mo Bro, spread your personal Movember page through Facebook, Twitter, other social media avenues, and good old fashion word of mouth, to get friends family, and co-workers supporting you this month in your ‘stache growth for prostate cancer awareness.  Donations to prostate cancer awareness can be made directly on your Mo Bro page.

Of course, while growing a moustache is unique to just the male species, our better-halves can get involved too.  Known in the Movember world as Mo Sistas, the ladies in our life can get involved by actively discussing and supporting prostate cancer awareness with their fellas.  They also show support by letting us grow moustaches for the month!

So fellas, put the razor away and start raising the hairs above the upper lip start.  It’s officially Movember and officially time to let the ‘stache come in.