Post Thanksgiving Workouts

It’s been almost a week since Thanksgiving – how’s that workout program coming along?

The Holidays are a tough time of year to begin cramming in those workouts; just another thing to add to your to-do list, right?  Well, it doesn’t need to be.

Start by getting a quick walk in after dinner.  A simple walk around the block is always a good way to get the workout juices flowing again.

Another way to kick the workout motivation into high-gear is adding laps around the mall while you are doing your Christmas shopping.  Strap on a pair of sneakers and do a lap or two before you even start your shopping.  Do a little window shopping while doing your laps.  Getting a few extra laps in will help you feel more energized too.

Keep up the daily after-dinner walk and the pre-shopping walk and by late-December you will be in your finest shape as you battle those last-minute shoppers like yourself.

Just think, as the Holiday Season comes to a close at the end of the month, you will be a month ahead of the game with your annual “get in shape” New Year’s Resolution.

So start your Holiday workout routine now.  You will be shedding a few of those extra Thanksgiving pounds you put on over the weekend, and you will be jump-starting your New Year’s Resolution.