Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway

How to Plan a Romantic Vacation

By John Focht

Guys, planning a surprise romantic getaway can be tricky business. Clever planning and a little bit of trickery is needed on your part to pull off the successful maneuver. If you’re ready, here are a few tips for planning a surprise romantic getaway for that special someone in your life.


Hey, if you and your sweetheart are the type of people who can instantly drop everything and go away on a getaway trip at a minute’s notice, more power to you. For the other 99.9% of us, careful planning is needed to make sure the trip is a success.

Depending on the type of work your better half does, you may need to give a little bit of your secret away so she can make appropriate accommodations with work or anything else.

That doesn’t mean you have to let her in on everything though. Give her a heads up on the dates you will be away, but don’t give her anything else. Don’t even provide her a warm or cold weather destination hint. If you are able, pack for her so she won’t be able to start narrowing down choices based on the luggage she is packing. If you need to pull in some help with the packing, call her friend, sister, or mom.

Provide Some Hints

Let’s face it, keeping a secret is tough stuff. Especially when she knows you have a secret and pounds you every day for some hints. Since you know you will be getting that bombardment anyway, keep the upper hand and plan out some daily hints for the days leading up to your departure.

Giving some daily hints will add some fun to the pre-trip excitement. If you are going to an island resort, maybe give her a bottle of rum. If you are heading to the mountains, a packet of hot chocolate. Make a game out of the day’s leading up to your getaway.

Special Arrangements for the Room

At some point, you are bound to crack. If your hints don’t give it away and you are actually able to keep a secret, the airport terminal will eventually let the cat out of the bag, but that doesn’t mean the surprises have to end there.

Call the hotel and have them arrange something special for your room. Maybe you are getting away for an anniversary, or special occasion, or maybe it’s just because you want to get a way. Whatever the reason, have the hotel set something special up for your room for when you arrive that marks the occasion.

Article was originally published on the Yahoo! Voices Network.