Ocean City Sentinel Gives Beach Games a Thumbs Up

Ocean City Sentinel Provides a review of the book Beach Games at the Shore.

The following paragraph is from the Ocean Sentinel:


Book detailing a lifetime of beach games a good summer ready, especially in Ocean City.

John Focht’s children inherited an appreciation for beach Wiffle Ball.

He said they’re “that family” on the Ocean City beach — the ones who spend the entire day pitching a plastic ball and running to bases they drew in the sand.

Focht, of Collegeville, Pa., has more than 40 years of memories of his shore vacations, and the games he played both as a child, and now with his own children and family.

“Beach Games at the Shore,” Focht’s first book, documents all of these aspects to lend the same memory-making games to other families.

The self-published book was released Dec. 7, 2013. It is currently available on the Amazon website…continue reading at the Ocean City Sentinel


Beach Games at the Shore