New Year’s Eve – A Look Back

As the clock ticks away on another year, New Year’s Eve is always a time to look back on what you accomplished, and what you didn’t accomplish, over the last 365 days.

Think back to a year ago at this time.  What were the resolutions and promises you made to yourself?  How did that diet work out?  Did you complete the great American novel?  Did you ever race in that marathon you’ve been talking about for the past fifteen years?

Whether your goals and promises panned out or now, New Year’s Eve provides a time of reflection.  Was the past year a success?  Was it a failure?  What made it so?

Often this time of year, people become nostalgic on the year that was, while for others, it’s a time of year to look back at missed opportunities.

No matter the endings of what happened this past year, use the past year as a source on what to accomplish next year.  Whether you were able to accomplish your goals or not, look back on the year that was with pride and a sense of worth because it will be these feelings that help you build on your goals for next year and will be the foundation on what will be the year ahead.

Take the 2013 calendar off the wall tonight and flip through it and look at all your notes and entries.  Look back on the parties and celebrations throughout the year; see the kid’s baseball and gymnastics and soccer and basketball practices and games littered on your calendar throughout the course of the year.

Take out the photo album or flip through your camera phone and look at the pictures from vacation, birthdays, and holidays and remember what a great year it was.  Remember the sleep-overs and barbeques and late-night movies.  Remember the new foods and old drinks and new friends and old pals.

Remember 2013 as the year you finally knocked that one item of your bucket-list, or as the year you finally mastered how to cook a turkey, or how you finally finished the patio in the backyard.  Remember it as the year you swore off smoking 365 times, but never actually did.

Remember the day trips to the beach, the midnight pool-hopping in the neighbor’s pool, the weekend at the mountains.  The wiffle ball games, football games in the park, and the summer horseshoe tournaments until dark.

The three day holiday weekends, Fourth of July fireworks, Easter Egg hunts, Halloween, and the Thanksgiving Day feast – and of course, you can’t forget about the Christmas Night Roast Beast.

When you flip on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve tonight, remember the New Year’s Eves when you were younger and Dick Clark was the only way to welcome in the New Year.

When the ball drops at midnight tonight, no matter what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish, remember the year as a year worth celebrating, and go get ‘em in the year 2014.