Get Yourself in Shape before the Holidays

By John Focht

The Holidays are fast approaching – are you ready?  No, I’m not talking about getting the Turkey ready or baking the pies.  I’m talking about how are you going to fight off the extra five, ten, fifteen pounds that will be attacking your waistline shortly after you finish-off the turkey dinner and turkey leftovers?

Thanksgiving and the whole Holiday Season is such a festive time of year.  With all the parties, and food, and drinking…oh god, the drinking…it’s inevitable to find yourself looking at the scale in about six weeks and wonder when it broke because you didn’t weigh that much before Thanksgiving.

Put yourself in a different mindset this year and begin fighting the Holiday pounds before they start hitting you.  If you’ve lost the zest to working-out since you packed away the summer bathing suit, start getting back into the grove again now before the Holiday festivities kick-in.

Begin with getting out for a walk.  The weather this time of year is still nice enough for evening walks around the neighborhood.  If you are able, get out at lunch or in the morning or afternoon and walk around the office complex.  Getting into the habit of walking this week will help you as next week hits.  Already being in the daily walk routine will keep put you one step ahead of the Holiday bulge – no pun intended.

Be prepared as you move into Thanksgiving week not to lose the edge that you created for yourself now.  The night before Thanksgiving is typically a night for additional eating and drinking, especially if you have out of town guests staying with you, or if you are staying with family or friends yourself.  Keep in mind, moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips, so before you start throwing them back Wednesday night, walk around the block once or twice for your pre-Thanksgiving Eve workout.

As for Thanksgiving Day, get that walk in early in the day.  Don’t take the day off just because it’s the holiday.  Plus, you’re bound to feel energized for the long day ahead if it you start the day off with a walk.

Once you are through Thanksgiving, it’s time to step it up a gear and increase your walk into a jog or a run.  Start small again and keep it to a jog around the neighborhood.  Continue to increase your workout routine over the next month keeping in mind you are doing this to fight the Holiday bulge.

Also, keep some healthy options around the house for the next month.  Keep some fresh fruit in the house instead of snacks and junk food.  You are bound to find yourself running into a Holiday cookie or cake at the office, or at friends and families, and of course all the sample’s at the bakery.  Keeping some apple, oranges, and bananas in the house instead of snacks will at least help ward off the evil cookie spirits from your home.

Before you know it, the Holiday’s will be over and you will be on your scale on January 1 not believing you are actually in better shape than you were six weeks earlier.

So for now, prep yourself for the Holidays.  It’s time to break out the sweats and sneakers and start getting into Holiday shape.