Keep the Kids Mentally and Physically Active During Christmas Break

By John Focht

Ah, the Holidays are here. It’s the time of year for family, friends, giving, and good cheer, and, oh yea… ten-days of no school! What to do with the kids over the long ten-day break from school?

Keeping the kids active, both physically and mentally, can be a chore sometimes. Especially with the ease kids have of picking up an electronic devise and getting lost in Minecraft for an afternoon.

Get some activities lined-up that will keep your child mentally and physically active during the Christmas break. After all, two weeks off for a child is like two months for you and me.

Read Together:

It’s easy nowadays to forget what a wonderful place a library can be.  Let your child get lost in finding a book or two for the week ahead.  Plan to spend your mornings by reading to your child, or have your child read to you.  You’ll be able to give your TV a break too by letting your child get lost in a book.

Board Games:

It’s hard to believe, but yes Virginia, board games still do exist.  Board games are a fun way to reconnect families during the Holidays.  It’s also a good way to keep the kids’ minds active. Let them be the banker in monopoly or read the instructions and figure out how to play new games.

Ice Skating:

Whether you live in cold enough climates where the local pond freezes, or you have an ice skating rink in town, ice skating is a great activity during break.  Tell your kids to invite some friends and load up the neighborhood in your SUV.   Great way to get the kids out and moving, and gives you a way to break-up an afternoon.

Card Games:

Go old-school and break out a deck of cards.  Dust off some of the old classics like Old Maid, Go Fish, and War.  Teach your kids how to shuffle, and of course teach them the old classic, fifty-two card pickup!

iPad McGraw-Hill Games

Ok parents, we can’t go all barbaric here and completely deprive the kids from electronics.  Check out some learning apps available on iTunes. McGraw-Hill has some terrific apps available that are fun for the kids while providing a little education in the process.  Give the kids some electronic time while ensuring they are staying sharp on some of their math and reading skills as well.

Enjoy the Christmas break!

This article was originally published December 23, 2013 on Yahoo Voices!