Health Care Resolution for the New Year

Getting Health Care Fixed Should Be Priority in New Year

By John Focht

As we enter 2014, there remain many issues which continue to trouble our country into the New Year. Our troops remain in the Middle East; unemployment levels are better, but still unacceptably high; hate crimes continue to trouble our communities; and incredibly millions of American families still do not have basic health care coverage.

The healthcare issue has loomed over this country for decades. The current administration attempted to fix it; they failed.

President John F. Kennedy asked the country during his inaugural address in 1961 “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Fifty-three years ago, that quote embodied the nation. But does it still hold true today?  Now, more than ever, Americans need to ask the Country, what are you doing for us?

As we enter 2014, the largest healthcare issues being tackled by the current administration are the issues surrounding the website. Did the current administration just play the old switch-a-roo trick on us, i.e., use the website as a diversion to the real issue that our healthcare system does not work? As a 40 year-old from Philadelphia, I find it pretty hard to believe that the government does not know how to properly build a website.

Healthcare needs to be a top priority for the country in 2014. Our country is at a very critical point in our history.  Millions of American families do not have basic healthcare coverage.  I do not believe fixing the healthcare problem happens overnight, but I do believe the issues surrounding the website is just smoke-and-mirrors.  It is a ruse by the current administration to avoid the real healthcare issues.

We need the leaders of our country to end the political finger-pointing and get something done with the healthcare system in 2014.

What is your country doing for you?

This article was originally published on January 14, 2014 on the Yahoo Voices Network!