Five Things for the Kids to do on Snow Days

By John Focht

When the weather outside is frightful, having the kids home from school on a snow day can be anything but delightful.  Aside from sending them out in the snow for eight hour stretches, here are some activities to keep the kids occupied on snow days.

Play in the Snow

Thanks for that idea, Captain Obvious.  You’d be surprised how obvious that answer is though.  Generation Electronics knows how to keep themselves busy, that’s not the problem.  The problem is pulling them away from the Xbox, iPods, Wii, iPad players, and whatever other virtual world they have and send them outside into the real world.

Get your child reintroduced to sledding, and snowball fights, and building a snowman.  If your kids are a little older, send them outside to earn a few extra bucks by shoveling some snow.  Just because it’s a bit nip doesn’t mean they can’t head outside.  Just be sure they dress warm.

Card Games, Board Games, and Puzzles

Sometimes on those wicked cold snow days, the weather is just too cold to head out.  Go old-school on the kids and break out a deck of cards or some old board games.  Make the games entertaining and make some wagers on the card games; winner has to do the other person’s chores.

Root Beer Pong

This is similar to a college game with a similar name, but this one is played with root beer or whatever kind of soft drink you have in the house.  Play in the basement or the garage.  Jump in the game with them to see if you still have what it takes.  The kids will enjoy the fun too.

Snow Tubing

Break out the summer water tube and go find the park with the biggest and best hills and away you go.  Finding a giant hill to snow tube down is great fun.  If you have them in your yard or in your neighborhood, even better.  If not, jump in the car and find the neighborhood slopes.

Go to a Movie

Check to see if the movie theaters are open.  Could be a good way to break up a few hours in the afternoon if the weather is too cold.  If the roads are too bad and or the theaters are closed, see what’s On Demand and settle in for the afternoon.