Five Pet Grooming Products for a Healthier Pet

Dog and Cat Grooming Products for Your Pet and Your Home

By John Focht

Keeping your pet healthy and clean is an important step in being a good pet owner. There are a number of pet grooming products, but knowing which ones are best for your pet, and safe for your family, is important to understand.

Review all products carefully to safeguard against allergic reactions to family members (remember when the Brady family almost got rid of Tiger the family dog because Jan was allergic to its new dog shampoo?).

Here are a few top cat and dog grooming products to start you on your way to a clean and happy pet.

Cat Shampoo

If you are a cat owner, you are well aware the little guys do not like baths, and do not like getting wet. To avoid having to apply yourself with Band-Aids at the conclusion of giving your cat a bath, go with FURminator Hairball Prevention Shampoo.

This waterless shampoo allows cat owners to apply directly onto their cat’s coat by spraying and rubbing in. As noted in its title, The FURminator Hairball Prevention Shampoo also helps prevent hairballs. Great two in one product for all cat owners.


Cat Brush

Cat’s loved to be brushed and rubbed. They also love cat nip. Sentry HC combined these two cat favorites in the Sentry HC Groom ‘n Comb self-grooming aid for cats.

Cats are attracted to the product because of its cat nip. Rubbing against The Sentry HC Groom ‘n Comb allows your cat to groom itself. The groom n’ comb can attach to any wall or corner at your cats height. That way your cat can always stop and groom itself to a better life.

Dog Shampoo

Dog’s either love bath time or hate it. No matter which side often hose your dog sits on with this hotly contested debate in the canine community, you should be looking for a shampoo that helps your dog’s coat, is non-skin irritating, and most importantly, is not harmful for your dog.

Halo Cloud 9 Herbal Shampoo is great not only for dogs, but also for cats. The easy to rinse shampoo will help your dog and cat’s coat look full, healthy, and clean.

Dog Bad Breath Buster

Hey, when your significant other has morning breath, there are countless hints you can give him or her to swish a bit of mouth wash. But when you are charged by a hyper pooch who is excited to see you and wants to lick your face, providing subtle hints to man’s-best-friends bad breath don’t work.

Now, I know there are some people out there that actually brush their dog’s teeth; you are definitely a better person than me. For those who would rather find a better solution to your dog’s bad breath, there are dog biscuits that can help you out.

Pedigree Breath Buster is a dog biscuit to help combat your dog’s bad breath.  Two-to-three biscuits daily, depending on the size of your dog, is all you need to have the sweetest dog breath in the neighborhood.

Cat Litter Box

One of the worst things about having a cat in the house is the litter box. No matter how many times you seem to clean it up, it’s always an eyesore with a very unpleasant odor.

There are plenty of litters out there to help fight the odor, but the ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one step better. You will never need to have scoop again.

Check with the ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box to see if it is a good fit for your home.  If so, being a cat owner just got a whole lot better for you.

This article was originally published on the Yahoo! Voices Network