Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By John Focht

Whether you are dressing up to walk around the neighborhood with the kids, or need a costume to wear to a Halloween party, here are five last minute, easy Halloween costumes you make with things around your house.

Michael Myers with Bed Sheet over his Head and Wearing Glasses:

One of the finest scenes in the original Halloween movie was when Michael Myers put a bed sheet on and put the glasses of the guy he just…well, you know…anyway.  This is an easy costume to make at home and will be sure to get you a first prize if the Halloween party you are going to has prizes for best costumes.


Be aware if you are wearing this costume while walking the kids around the neighborhood as they trick-or-treat.  You might get some anxious parents wondering who is under those glasses.

Superman or Clark Kent:

Easiest last minute costume invented.  Red towel ad as a cape, and paint a big “S” on an old blue t-shirt. If you don’t have either, stop at Target on your way home, the $10 you spend on a towel and t-shirt beats the $50 on an actual superman costume.  You can even buy an actual Superman t-shirt at most stores.

If that’s still too much trouble, put a pair of glasses on and go as Clark Kent.  You can do it up one step further and wear a suit with a Superman t-shirt underneath.  Unbutton the top few buttons so the “S” of the T-Shirt can be seen.  Put on your Clark Ken glasses, and viola, you are Clark Kent transforming into the Man of Steel.

Dress as Someone Else:

There’s always that knucklehead in your group that wears things a little differently, or has to have the odd looking shirt, or wear a hair style from a bygone era.  Get some makeup, wear a wig, and buy some weird clothes.  You are sure to be a hit at the Halloween party, especially of that person is there.

Bum or Hobo:

Not sure if this is even politically correct anymore, but grab some old clothes out of the closet; find an old hat; use some makeup to color in a scruffy beard.  There was a time when you could see a dozen or so kids dressed as bums for Halloween.  Break out the old stuff, polish up the name a bit, and go out as a Homeless Person this Halloween.

Denorex Shampoo Guy:

Always my favorite Halloween costume.  Instead of using actual shampoo to sit in your hair all night, use shaving lotion.  It will sit better on your hair for the night.  Put a towel around your shoulders, get your robe, throw on your slippers, and you set.


Throw Clothes on let People Guess What You Are:

If those ideas don’t work, just throw some random, unmatched clothes on.  As people ask what you are supposed to be, have them guess.  Whatever they guess you are, just agree with them and move on.  Takes the trouble out of having to be creative, and makes others at the party guess what you are.  Heck, someone might even come up with something creative for you.

Stay safe and enjoy Halloween.