Fall Projects for your Home

By John Focht

As the September temperatures begin to moderate, it’s time to do more than just break out the football. Early autumn is the time to get some of the home projects knocked off your to-do list. Keeping up with your home can be a tough task, but be sure to get some of these must-do’s complete for your home upkeep, as well as some additional projects just to stay ahead of the clutter.

Fertilize your Lawn

Keeping up with your lawn can be a fulltime job. Heck, even trying to stay up-to-date with just cutting and weed-whacking is enough to keep you busy all season.

But as the temperatures begin to moderate in September, your lawn is ripe for another round of fertilizer to keep the grass fresh and strong, and the weeds at bay.

Keep a watchful eye on the forecast. Be sure you are not fertilizing right before a September Indian Summer; fertilizing while temps are in the 90’s will do more harm than good to your grass. Look for temps in the 70’s for a few days and water your lawn at night when the sun goes down. Soon, your lawn will have that fresh autumn look to it.

Replace Storm Windows

Did last winter feel drafty to you? If so, those old storm windows may need some replacing. Double-check their condition; if you are due for an upgrade in windows, now is the time to get it done.

Drafty windows do more than just keep your home frosty, they can eat away at your heating bill all winter long. Drafty windows can cost you hundreds of wasted dollars in extra heating this winter.

Check out your windows now, and start replacing what you can before the winter chill is here.

Seal your Driveway

Sealing the driveway is always a messy job, but a job that needs to get done. To ensure you are preserving the life of your driveway as best you can, sealing your driveway is the best way to ensure you do that.

To get the max out of your driveway, best results are to seal it every other year; every third year at the very least. Spending a Saturday getting tar-covered for a few hours will save you the cost of replacing your entire driveway later.

Clean the Garage

Maybe cleaning out the garage is not a home necessity for the fall, but it usually is a good time to go through all the old stuff that has accumulated through another season of baseball, softball, volleyball, and football and get rid of the old stuff.

If there is old sports equipment that still is usable but no longer fits, or simply isn’t used, look for athletic programs in your neighborhood or community to donate to. Donating old bikes to local organizations and charities is also a good way of getting a few more years out that old bike too.

Find good use for the items that are still functional, and get rid of the items that are not.

Paint a Room

When all else fails, paint a room. Nothing freshens up and brightens up the inside of your home like a painted room.

Go through the house and see which room needs to be freshened up. Maybe it’s the kid’s rooms, or the kitchen, or the basement. Make a weekend out of it and get the entire family to help out. It will make for an enjoyable weekend and will get it done that much quicker.