Cowboy For A Day at Blue Sky Ranch

By John Focht 

Looking for something exciting and new this summer? How about becoming a Cowboy For a Day?  That’s right city slickers, it’s time to channel up your inner Billy Crystal and spend some time at beautiful Blue Ranch Sky in Wanship, Utah.

Blue Sky Ranch sits on 3,000 spectacular acres just outside Park City, Utah. From horseback riding to fly-fishing, there is something for everyone at Blue Sky Ranch.

With the Cowboy For a Day adventure, you will learn the amazing skills and traits of horseback riding and cattle herding, as well as roping skills. Skilled staffers start by working with the new cowboys and cowgirls to make sure you learn the basics of commanding your horse.  Not an easy feat, because part of learning the horse is making sure the horse has the proper respect for you –this isn’t your family minivan you are trying to move around!

Once the basics of learning the horse are complete, the newly transformed cowboys and cowgirls get going with learning the skills of being a cowboy like calming small herds, and connecting a horse, a rider, and a cow.

Your day will be filled with adventure and excitement as you learn the amazing world of what it’s truly like to be a cowboy. Not to mention, you will build friendships and stories that will last a lifetime at Cowboy For a Day – someday you too will be will be able to sit around the campfire and boast about your days of being a cowboy.

Blue Sky Ranch prides itself on being a place for people to come to not only enjoy a few days of fun and excitement, but also being a place where people build a lifetime of memories. You will truly experience the great outdoors with a stay at Blue Ranch Sky.

The breathtaking mountain peaks, rolling hills, and deep canyons will leave you in awe of its spectacular beauty. The adventures of horseback riding, fly-fishing, and Cowboy For a Day will leave you with cherished memories to share with family and friends forever.

In addition to great summertime fun and activities, Blue Ranch Sky offers a number of pretty cool winter time activities too. Visit their website today to find more information about their summer and winter vacation’s and adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Wrestle up the inner cowboy and cowgirl inside your today. Find out what it’s like to spend a few days and nights sitting under the stars, herding the cattle, and being a Cowboy For a Day.