Christmas Traditions

By John Focht

The Christmas Season is about family, friends, traditions, and good cheer…right?  Of course.

This time of year always brings out the best of family traditions, including traditional Christmas shows and music.

Hey, I’m not afraid to say I looked through the TV listings to find out when Charlie Brown was on this year.  The only problem was I was fighting my kids as they wanted to find out what night Prep & Landing was on.  Prep and what?

When we searched for The Grinch, they stopped at Jim Carrey while I wanted to keep looking for Dr. Seuss.  I wanted to play Deck the Halls while they were watching Shrek the Halls.

My mornings of getting up and pouring myself a cup of coffee the past few weeks were also met with being startled with The Elf on the Shelf popping up in the refrigerator, sugar jar, cereal boxes, and hiding behind kitchen chairs.

What happened to the days when Santa’s elves would just hang at the North Pole and make Christmas gifts, and Santa would just watch us through his magic crystal snowball?

As I have wandered through yet another Christmas Season, I have come to realize the traditions of Christmas are still with us, they have just taken a different shape.

If The Muppets can adjust from doing a Christmas show with John Denver to Lady Gaga, I guess I can manage if It’s a SpongeBob Christmas! is now a bigger hit than the Heat Miser and Cold Miser.

After all, a generation ago, family and friends would walk house-to-house and neighborhood-to-neighborhood Christmas Caroling.  I am pretty sure if anyone tried that today, they would be arrested for creating a riot.

So, as you slog down your nog, and settle in front of the fire, don’t be too concerned that while you are dreaming of a White Christmas your kids might be celebrating a Hairy Christmas with the Robertson Family.