SoFlo Studios

The world of film, TV, and music video has a much different look and feel to it than it did even a decade ago. Finding a location for a film production studio or a music video location used to require financial backing that most independent artists did not have.

Today, studios like SoFlo Studios in Sunrise, Florida provide every independent artist the video production studio they need to film their indie movie or video with the professional film set they need without the overblown prices.

Professional stage and video shoots are available which include police station sets, interrogation room sets, and prison sets, for a classic police drama shoot, or a hospital room set for a dramatic ER scene.

SoFlo Studions works with the independent film creators on their budget. Studio rentals are reasonably priced and can easily meet the demand of four, eight, or twelve hour rental times. Prop rentals and studio lighting rentals are also available to help make your film a sure blockbuster hit. Get a full day’s rental, which includes stage lighting and music video lighting, and enjoy overall savings on your budget.

The production services at SoFlo Studios will also help you with your video editing, setting up lighting equipment, or managing talent, and with a variety of standing sets available, it allows you to get the shots you need – from classroom set to hotel lobby set.

Props also available with all standing sets. Overall great deals with studios, sets, lighting, props, and production services.

Book your next video or film event today at SoFlo Studios – located in Sunrise, Florida near Miami and Fort Lauderdale.