Does Your Website Need an SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization is a little like Moby Dick.  While many have claimed to have seen the great fish, er uh mammal, not many actually have.

Many small business owners find themselves battling the same battle as Captain Ahab himself; finding their White Whale – search engine optimization.

Does the While Whale known as search engine optimization really exist?  Many small business owners and website owners have been lost at sea when it comes to chasing search engine optimization, or SEO.

Search engine optimization does exist.  Search engines like Bing and Google do indeed rank websites.  Websites get ranked on search engines based on their relevant content, trends, keyword recognition, user visits, and more.  Despite what some SEO experts may say, landing at the top of the search engine rankings is not an overnight trick.

Making your website relevant on the search engines is truly a day-to-day grind.  Now of course, any website can instantaneously land at the top of search engines through buying mechanisms such as Pay-Per-Click ads, or through traditional advertising outlets, or through automated tools that consistently click on your site to give it a stronger web presence.  The more users that visit your site, or the more clicks to your site, will pay immediate dividends for your website on search engines

But if you do not have truckload of cash to back into advertising, then a methodical approach to your website will be needed to begin to see your site land on the higher rankings on the search engines.

Keep these five tips in mind when trying to deliver web traffic to your website:

  • Consistent and relevant content.
  • Strong keyword recognition.
  • Social media networks.
  • Email marketing.
  • PPC ads.

Web 2.0 is real.  With today’s interaction features between websites and potential customer’s, website owners truly need an SEO strategy.  Good SEO strategies include blogs, keyword recognition, social networking, email marketing, PPC ads, and more.  Without an SEO strategy, your website is as good as invisible.

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