Car Accessories to Say Goodbye To

Practical or Not, These Car Accessories Should Follow the Lead of the Nova and Just Disappear

John Focht

When it comes to our cars, we baby them like they are our children. And with our own child, we have to know when enough is enough. With our car accessories, well, it’s time to know enough is enough. Here are a few car accessories it’s time to say enough to.

Car Television

The moment TV’s became available in cars, I immediately turned into my grandfather when I said: “When I was a kid we didn’t need TV’s in the car. We suffocated in the un-air-conditioned backseat, bored out of our minds on long trips, and we liked it!”

I have taken heat before, and I will take heat again, but the families who need a TV in their car might as well get a personalized license plate that says WEGIVEUP.

How about playing a game in the car like the license plate game, or the alphabet game? Or here is an original thought: try talking to each other. It’s only a car ride we are talking about.

The Car Bra

Thankfully the car bra seemed to disappear about a decade ago, but every now and then, one seems to sneak itself out of the back of the garage, or gets to the front of the picnic table at a yard sale and somehow latch itself back onto the front of a car.

The car bra does have a function to protect the front-end of your car from rocks or other debris, but the look may have been one of the worst looks people ever gave their cars. If you are tempted to get a new car bra, or dig your old one out from the back of your basement, do yourself a favor: Don’t.

Rearview Camera

The rearview camera, while practical in its intention, may be the most dangerous accessory I have ever seen. The next time you are the passenger in a car, pay attention to the driver as they back out and stare only directly at the rearview camera image.

The rearview camera has practically caused the driver to become useless to any other driving function while backing out. Their eyes become fixated on the picture display of behind their car, and they pay little-to-no attention to everything else around them.

Drivers are becoming so dependent on staring at the rearview camera image that they are not paying attention to what is going on either side of their car, or paying attention to the bigger picture behind them, instead of just directly behind them.

While the technology provides drivers with the ability to see directly behind them, they are also causing driver’s to lose the sense to see what’s all around them.

Article was originally published on the Yahoo! Voices Network