Shell Horseshoes is always a beach favorite when you don’t have any playing gear

Of course it doesn’t always work out that you are actually carrying what you need for a quick game to play at the beach. This is where years of wisdom and your parent ingenuity kicks in – it’s time to play a game of Shell Horseshoes! The rules for shell horseshoes are a combination of sorts between horseshoes and washers, but with some minor differences in the playing gear.



First, find yourself four hardy shells along the beach; shells that are strong enough and can withstand being tossed around the beach for the next 30 minutes or so.

Once you’ve found your four playing shells, dig two holes in the ground, roughly the same distance you would have dug the stakes in the ground if you had a set of horseshoes.  Voila! Instant shell horseshoes.

Not only do you have a game for yourself and the other adults, but it’s a game the kids love more so than the actual horseshoes game because it seems more clever to them – you’re an instant hit with the kids too!

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Pick up a game of Washers for your fun at the Beach

A game similar to horseshoes to play on the beach is the game Washers, and can be played 1vs.1, or a team of 2vs.2.  Washers is played by tossing washers at a box that contains a can which is approximately 25 feet away. The scoring is very similar to beach horseshoes in that the players attempt to toss their washers near the box, onto the box, or in the can.


Players receive 1 point if a washer lands within a foot of the box or is leaning against the box.  Three points if the washer lands on the box.  Five points if the washer lands inside the can.  Only one player can score per round. First team to 17 points wins!

The team or player that scores in the previous round throws first in the next round.


Beach Horseshoes on your Summer Vacation

By John Focht

Horseshoes may have been invented by the ancient Greeks, but it was made to be played at the Shore between Dads, Moms, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, and kids.

Horseshoes is an outdoor game played between two people, or two teams of two people, using four horseshoes and two sets of stakes set into the ground – or in this case into the beach.



Horseshoes is actually a very competitive game with official rules and scoring, but at the beach the rules of can be tweaked a bit to make the game a more enjoyable beach time activity.

When horseshoes is played between two people, the players stand on the same side and individually toss their horseshoe at the opposite stake which has been staked into the beach surface.  Who throws first can be determined by each player throwing an initial toss of horseshoes to see who gets closer to the stake, or it can simply be decided by a game of rocks-paper-scissors – this is your choice.

If you are playing teams, a player from each team should be opposite each other, for example, one side contains a player from Team A and Team B, and the other side also contains a player from Team A and Team B.

Official rules of horseshoes state a horseshoe must lie within 6 feet of the stake.  If each team throws a toss and the horseshoes land exactly the same distance within the 6 feet, the throws cancel each other out and no one gets the point.  Whoever gets closer to the stake, and is within the 6 feet, they get the point.  A ringer is worth three points. Play to 21.

Sometimes playing with the kids though, it’s tough to get the ‘shoe within 6 feet of the stake.  To avoid a three-hour game of horseshoes, make it closest to the stake, even if the closest horseshoe lands a few 10-15 from the stake. Play the game to twenty-one and pitch away the afternoon.

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