Beach Games

Beach Games at the Shore is a family Shore vacation guide for your days on the beach.  The beach games in this book are beach games and activities you probably played yourself as a child.

It’s a collection of beach games and beach ideas for the family.  Whether it’s for the older kids, the little ones, or even for a couple of the uncles who just need to get off their beach chair once and while.  There are also a few beach add-ons to enjoy while you are enjoying your week or two at The Shore next summer.   Be sure to pack this book along with you on your Shore vacation next year.  Drop it in the beach bag and you will be ready for your Shore week!

games to play with the family at the beach

Enjoy some competitive games, or find ways to keep the family enjoying their days at the Shore. Beach Games at the Shore provides family fun today, plus a lifetime of tradition and memories for tomorrow.

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