Beach Games at the Shore

By John Focht

Vacations at the Shore have been a part of my family’s lives since the 1950’s.  Spending summer-after-summer at the Shore, my family always picked up a beach game or two along the way.  Many of the games in this book have been passed down from one-Shore-generation-to-the-next.

The Shore is more than just a destination.  It is a place where family memories are created.  The games and activities your family does on this year’s Shore vacation will become the traditions of future years Shore vacations.


family vacation traditions


Beach Games at the Shore is a compilation of a lifetime of Shore vacation fun.  Many of the games in this book you probably played yourself during a vacation at the Shore.  While others you will be playing for the first time this summer.

Enjoy some competitive games, or find ways to keep the family enjoying their days at the Shore. Beach Games at the Shore provides family fun today, plus a lifetime of tradition and memories for tomorrow.


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