Advice on Planning a Destination Wedding

Five Tips for Your Destination Wedding

By John Focht

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Planning a wedding is both a special and a stressful time. Deciding on a destination wedding only adds to the planning needed. But don’t let the extra responsibility add any additional stress. Here are five tips for planning your destination wedding.

Plenty of Planning Time

Provide yourself plenty of time for planning a destination wedding. It will allow you to look at all the destinations a little more carefully to ensure you are making the best choice for your day. This also gives your guests plenty of notice to make arrangements to attend. After all, your guests will probably need to take off from work, and maybe make arrangements for someone to stay with the kids, or pets. Giving more time to your guests gives them ample time to make all their necessary plans too.


Research your location and resort very carefully. If you are planning an island wedding, make sure you understand all the local laws and bring the appropriate paper work. It would be a tough break to get down there and realize local law requires another form of identification before they can legally marry you.

Do your research on the resorts on the islands as well. Compare the amenities of one resort vs. the other. Review the resort night life and daytime activities. Let your guests know what you will be doing each day and night. Act as the host and hostess for your guests and let them plan to spend the days and nights with you.

Look out for your guests

Look into group rates on flights and rooms. After all your guests will be spending a lot of money to come see you get married, so look out for them on some deals. Schedule travel arrangements from the airport to the hotel. Make arrival very easy on your guests.

When blocking off rooms, keep tabs on how quickly rooms fill up. Did you underestimate how many guests you thought would attend and need to reserve more rooms? Also, have all rooms prepared with “Welcome Baggies”. A welcome bag with sunblock, bug spray, and a bottle of water will go a long way.

Also, invite all guests to the rehearsal dinner. Don’t exclude guests who are not in the wedding party from this night. Remember, everyone came a long way to see you.


Understand the weather and the area. Is it hurricane season? If possible, plan your destination wedding around bad weather season. It would be better to plan to be married a few months later than rescheduling or cancelling due to Hurricane Bad Omen rolling in at the last minute.

Be Flexible

Keep in mind, things might not go exactly as you planned. Be flexible and adaptable. Enjoy your moment and your day. Don’t let the little things ruin your magical moment.

This article was originally published on the Yahoo! Voices Network